Friday, 12 October 2018

Lesson 20: There’s a fine line between a pixie cut and “mom” hair

No woman goes to the beauty salon asking for "mom" hair; it just sort of happens.

Six weeks ago. . .

It felt like a bad dream. I watched my stylist's blade get stuck in my freshly highlighted blonde bob. He tugged at his blunt razor, and off came a long lock of my hair. I watched it gently fall to the floor before noticing a short, uneven half-fringe above my left eye where the hair used to be just seconds before. I held my breath and locked eyes with my stylist. I silently hoped this was part of his plan–a first step toward some awesomely cool, new haircut he had in mind. But this was clearly an accident.

He looked just as panicked as I did. He awkwardly, but quickly, moved toward the back of my head and tried his luck again with the dull blade. I should have stopped him but was frozen in disbelief. He worked swiftly as his hands shook (hoping I wouldn't noticed he was cutting way too much off) as he desperately tried to even out the back to match the accidentally choppy front. Long wisps of golden hair piled up at the base of my chair as I held back tears and resisted the urge to throw up.

First haircut. What is this supposed to be?
Trying to blend the short fringe.
"This can't be happening," I thought to myself. Just a few minutes later, he gave up and announced he was done with my cut–what could best be described as a cross between a pixie and a Justin Bieber bowl cut, better known as mom hair. GASP! Noting my quiet dissatisfaction, my stylist curled a few strands to mask the imperfections. I hurriedly payed and ran for cover in my car where I snapped 360 degree head shots to assess the damage.

I tried to learn to love it. But it was so uneven and unmanageable that I had to get it cut . . . again . . . to get a better shape. (Obviously not by the same person!) I was hoping for a style I could feel good about. That's when I officially and unwillingly entered pixie territory a few weeks later. I hated it! "It's just hair. It'll grow back," I kept repeating every morning while taming wild cowlicks.

Second cut. More manageable.

But who knew growing out a pixie would be so hard and take so long? Apparently, nearly every woman on social media. A quick search with keywords "growing out a pixie" led me to hundreds of hair tutorials explaining the arduous grow-out phase that can last an entire year. NOOOOOOOO!

Still too short. I want my bob back!

Needless to say, I've become a little obsessed with my hair fail. It's been my favourite topic for weeks now, and my husband and friends are getting a little tired of my rants. So, I've decided to document my hair journey, mostly for therapeutic reasons, on my blog. Who knows? Maybe I'll give some other gal in my shoes hope as she patiently waits for her locks to lengthen.

Along the way, I'll share tips and tricks for styling the many awkward stages and the pros and cons of each phase. I'd also love to hear from anyone who is growing out their pixie! I need all the advice and support I can get. I'd be happy to answer any questions about the whole process.

In my next post, I'll talk about the inevitable mullet phase. Embrace it? Or chop it off?

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